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we heart music

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(After all, everyone needs a friend, right?) 

Scoff, my friend, scoff. Yes!, there are some provisions one might like to follow!
[-1-] I would reccomend straying from discussion of indie, actually. I mean, this is a community, not a cult. So, talk about lots of things and see what people have to say, yes? 
[-2-] We all know about ...ie: Conor Oberst, etc, so let's try to narrow down conversations about him. Or any particular artist, he's just an example. There are lots of different types of the "indie" genre. ABUSE YOUR RIGHT TO SPEAK FREELY! 
[-3-] Always come with a friendly attitude. We love you, you love us. It all works out. This is a group where EVERYONE, regardless, is excepted.
[-4-] Post whatever you want. Community promotions, music promotions, mp3 links, album reviews, anything. Just make it somewhat tasteful, I guess. No twatty-spreads.

It'd be nice if, when you join, you introduce yourself with perhaps a picture and give a brief profile.
Here's an example: 
[ HOW BORED AND LONELY ARE YOU? ] Listen, fucker, I'm a goddamned Japanese death robot. How many fucking death robots do you know have friends? What? You don't know any? NO SHIT, NIGGA.

If you really need to try to you can AIM THE MOD.

Mod's journal?

And remember, kids. Music is your friend.

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